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Do you want to know more on fish stock recovery areas?

recoveryIn the context of the last Common Fisheries Policy reform the European Parliament produce the report “Establishment of fish stock recovery areas” that examines a proposal to establish a network of ‘fish stock recovery areas’ to cover 10-20% of territorial seas of EU Member States.

Such protected areas in Europe and elsewhere have produced rapid and long-lasting recovery of many commercially important species. They have also benefited surrounding fisheries through spillover and export of offspring from protected stocks. Fish stock recovery areas could make a major contribution to improving the status and productivity of fisheries, as well as safeguarding marine biodiversity.

Comienza la reordenación del caladero español Mediterráneo

El próximo 16 y 17 de marzo miembros de MedReAct asistirán al primer seminario organizado por el gobierno español en el marco del proceso de reordenación del caladero español Mediterráneo.

Entre otros temas se tratarán:

  • El esfuerzo pesquero como nuevo modelo de gestión. Consecuencias Reforma PCP: Política de prohibición de descartes
  • Coordinación internacional países cuenca Mediterráneo.
  • “Revisión” del Reglamento de Medidas Técnicas del Mediterráneo (R. (CE)1967/2006)
  • Pesquería del Atún Rojo y Pesquería pez espada
  • Fortalecimiento de las OOPP en la OCM en el marco de la nueva PCP.
  • La innovación en el sector pesquero y acuícola
  • Gestión de la flota

Fishing Capacity Conference – Less is more!

MedReAct members will participate in this conference organized by the European Commission in Thessaloniki, 13th and 14th of March.

The complete program can be found here.

Public subsidies to support the transition to sustainable fisheries working area

paper note on fishing hook on white backgrounAll the fisheries in the world are subsidized in a way or another, from direct aids to tax exemptions. Per se, subsidies are neither “good” or “bad”, it all depends on the political choices that stand behind them and the options they support.

Unfortunately, over the last 30 years, subsidies have been mostly allocated to respond to short term social and economic drives, when they should have been oriented to ensure the transition towards long term sustainable fisheries.

Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing working area

The nature and extent of IUU fishing in the Mediterranean Sea is not clearly known at present. It is known, however, that these dubious activities are becoming a common practice in recent years. Mediterranean Flag states currently report several IUU fishing related issues mostly related to the Mediterranean fleet.

In 2013 the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) identified purse seine, trawl and driftnets as the gears that are mostly involved in IUU fishing. Repeated serious 
infringements related to the use of driftnets were documented in Italy,
 showing the extent of illegal activities by
 over 300 Italian driftnetters. A  ban on
 small scale driftnets in the Mediterranean would allow closing the current regulatory loopholes that illegal fishing operators have abundantly used to elude controls.

Mediterranean Recovery Action

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