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Who we are

to protect the Mediterranean sea


Mediterranean Recovery Action
Our mission is in our name: taking action to protect the Mediterranean Sea.

MedReAct was launched in 2014 by a group of activists and organisations committed to fighting biodiversity loss in the Mediterranean Sea.

We protect the Mediterranean Sea from the impact of fisheries.

We are an independent organisation that does not accept funding from multinational corporations or political entities.

We work directly with local communities, scientists, activists, divers and marine protection managers. We also collaborate with other groups committed to marine conservation.

We believe in actions that lead to concrete, proven results. Actions like our campaign to protect the Jabuka/Pomo Pit, which has now been turned into the largest marine reserve in the Adriatic, producing not only extraordinary results for the recovery of fish stocks but also for marine biodiversity.

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We campaign for marine reserves, protect vulnerable species and habitats, and reduce fishery impacts on marine ecosystems.

We operate in Spain, Italy and France, and helped to establish the MedSea 
Alliance, a coalition of non-governmental organisations and other civil society groups. Our goal is to guarantee a healthy future for the Mediterranean Sea.

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Stephan Beaucher

From 2006 to 2008 he coordinated the Greenpeace France's oceans campaign, and then became coordinator of the OCEAN2012 coalition in France.

Lydia Chaparro

She worked as a researcher at the Fundaciò Ent, as fisheries manager of Ecologistas En Acción and as coordinator of Ocean2012 in Spain.

Anastasia Miliou

Scientific Director of Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation.

Miquel Ortega

Founder of the Fundaciò ENT. He published the book "Analysis and proposals for action for the reform of the common fisheries policy. Sustainability at the heart of the future of Spanish fisheries”.

Domitilla Senni

She worked for Greenpeace International’s Mediterranean campaign,then as director of Greenpeace Italy. Later she managed the development of the OCEAN2012 coalition in various European countries. Today she is the president of MedReAct.

Serena Maso

She was coordinator of OCEAN2012 in Italy and later worked for the Greenpeace Italy's oceans campaign. Today she is vice-president of MedReAct.


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