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Making the Common Fisheries Policy a reality means ending overfishing

Article from MedReAct at The Parliament Magazine Issue 421.

TheParliament_ENTIn a special issue of The Parliament Magazine dedicated to fisheries policy, together with the participation of some leading members of the Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament, like Alain Cadec, Linnéa Engström, Gabriel Mato and Renata Briano, MedReAct/ENT has written an article that highlights the binding commitment of the Common Fisheries Policy to end overfishing. This is a first step for restoring fish stocks, delivery a healthy marine environment, profitable fisheries, and viable coastal communities.

The article also highlights the importance of putting in place multi-annual plans (MAPs) for the different regions and fisheries in the EU, with the aim to move beyond the short-term decision-making for each year’s fishing limits, and achieve sustainable fishing for the long-term. As well as the need to establish fishing opportunities not exceeding scientific advice.

MedReAct urges the European Union to take bold measures against illegal fishing of bluefin tuna

2015 Bluefin Tuna Seizures in Italy

With only few weeks left to the annual conference of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT, 10-17 November 2015, Malta), MedReAct highlights the persistence and extent of illegal catches of bluefin tuna (BFT) in the Mediterranean.

A recent media investigation by the Italian national broadcasting company, RAI, revealed the absence of catch certificates for fresh BFT on sale in some of the most popular Sicilian fish markets. According to one fisherman, interviewed by RAI, the majority  of BFT sold on the Italian market could originate from illegal catches. Evidence collected by MedReAct, indicates that this may well be the case.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Italian control authorities seized over 70 tons of illegal BFT, many of which juvenile fish caught before reaching the reproductive age.

In one case, an Italian fishing vessel without a catch quota, was found with 1.000 BFT on board. Such large seizures are not uncommon in Italy and indicate the presence of a large black market in the country. For example in May 2011, the Italian control authorities seized  30 tons of illegal BFT which were being shipped from Sicily to Northen Italy. In June 2013, 15 tons of BFT without catch certificate, were found on a lorry in Sicily. One month later, in the same area,  42 tons of BFT with no documentation, were discovered on three trucks.

According to MedReAct, combating illegal fishing cannot rely only on the repression activities  by fisheries inspectors. Other dissuassive measures must be applied by the EU, such as   preventing illegal fishing operators to have access to public subsidies, as provided by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, or by identify illegal fishers as EU nationals engaged in Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU) and therefore subjected to the European Union sanction regime on IUU fishing.


RAI investigative story on fisheries, “Pesca Selvaggia”, broadcasted on October 4th, 2015.

View the list of 2015 BFT Seizures Italy.XLS or 2015 BFT Seizures Italy.PDF.


Devolvi il 5×1000 a MedReAct con la tua dichiarazione dei redditi e contribuisci alla salvaguardia del Mar Mediterraneo. Ricorda che non ti costerà niente in più di quanto pagheresti come contribuente.

Devi solo mettere la tua firma nel riquadro “Sostegno alle organizzazione lucrative di utilità sociale” e inserire nello spazio “codice fiscale del beneficiario”, il codice fiscale di MedReAct: 97809490580.

MedReAct Onlus è un’associazione senza scopo di lucro nata per contribuire alla tutela del Mar Mediterraneo.

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The 2014 annual economic report on the EU fishing fleet

reportYou can find now available the STECF report on the EU economic performance online here.

You will find in it information at the National level and also for all the Mediterranean.


Cooperation between scientists and fishermen.


Presentation delivered to GAP2 by Domitilla Senni on behalf of Archipelagos, presenting some good examples of cooperation between scientists & fishermen in the Mediterranean.


The obligation to land all cathes – consequences for the Mediterranean

discardsPolicy Department B: Structural and Cohesion Policies of the European Parliament has carried out an in-depth analysis entitled The obligation to land all catches – consequences for the Mediterranean at the request of the Committee on Fisheries. You can download it here.


The Landing obligation of regulated species in the EU Mediterranean is raising some concerns about its effective implementation. This report provides a state-of-the-art of fishery discards in the Mediterranean, discussing consequences of the discards ban and finally providing some recommendations on how to tackle the problem of juvenile catches.


Comienza la reordenación del caladero español Mediterráneo

El próximo 16 y 17 de marzo miembros de MedReAct asistirán al primer seminario organizado por el gobierno español en el marco del proceso de reordenación del caladero español Mediterráneo.

Entre otros temas se tratarán:

  • El esfuerzo pesquero como nuevo modelo de gestión. Consecuencias Reforma PCP: Política de prohibición de descartes
  • Coordinación internacional países cuenca Mediterráneo.
  • “Revisión” del Reglamento de Medidas Técnicas del Mediterráneo (R. (CE)1967/2006)
  • Pesquería del Atún Rojo y Pesquería pez espada
  • Fortalecimiento de las OOPP en la OCM en el marco de la nueva PCP.
  • La innovación en el sector pesquero y acuícola
  • Gestión de la flota

Fishing Capacity Conference – Less is more!

MedReAct members will participate in this conference organized by the European Commission in Thessaloniki, 13th and 14th of March.

The complete program can be found here.

GFCM Scientific Advisory Committee, Malta, 17-20 March 2014

While the meeting registration is allowed only for representatives formally accredited by their competent Authorities or Organizations it is possible to consult the meeting documents here.

Among others the Conclusions of the First Regional Symposium on sustainable small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (Malta, 27-20 November 2013) will be considered.