The EU undermines scientific advice at the GFCM annual session.

November 6th, 2021. MedReact  express its deepest concerns with the European Union position at the GFCM 44th session which has undermined the GFCM Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) advice on the Fisheries Restricted Area proposals for the Ebro Delta Margin (EDM FRA) and Palmahim disturbance off the coast of Israel. 

The EU representative repeatedly challenged the SAC advice, claiming first that more technical information on the EDM FRA proposal was needed, and secondly explicitly requesting the deletion of any reference to SAC endorsement of both FRA proposals, from the final report of the meeting .

The position of the EU  is extremely disappointing considering in particular that SAC advice issued last July “welcomed the work done on the Ebro delta margin FRA proposal (Appendix 17) and considered that it was comprehensive, technically sound, and provided useful information to improve the spatial management of fisheries in the area.”

MedReact consider that the position of the EU sets a dangerous precedent  and that –  by delegitimising SAC advice – jeopardises the adoption of sound fisheries and conservation measures based on scientific advice.

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